Easy Code Sample - Research Projects

This site is collection of programs developed in a different time united by the idea to show simple way of programming something that looks complicated up front. Here is the list of topics:

  1. Static Arithmetic Coding. Provides theoretical explanation of arithmetic coding and several fast encoders capable of managing large alphabets.
  2. Adaptive Arithmetic Coding. Shows several solutions and theoretical explanation for adaptive coding, where each symbol is encoded differently depending on preceding context.
  3. Asymmetric Numeral Systems. New algorithm for the entropy coding implemented without multiplication and division by only logical operations.
  4. Elementary Web Server. Code for full functioning multi-threaded web server in C.
  5. OpenGL Interactive On-line. The template for web server that creates off-screen images in OpenGL, reads them as pixel data, wraps them in PNG format and publishes in browsers. The images are created concurrently in multi-threaded way.
  6. DCOM in C. Example of writing DCOM application in C, compact and short code.
  7. Screensaver Template. It can be used for designing customized screensaver. The Windows part is completely separated and has not to be changed.
  8. Patented Image Compression. Clear explanation of one patent for image compression along with program sample.
  9. C# worker thread and GUI. Shows how to access GUI from worker thread in C#. Elementary example for students.
  10. iROLZ data archiver. The example of data archiver. The program about 500 lines long capable to compress data with ratio and performance near popular archivers: bzip2, WinRAR, BALZ, 7zip.
  11. Non-Huffman tree. Example or usage binary near optimal tree with special advantage. It provides extremely fast update and can be used in adaptive entropy coding.
  12. Explanation of binary arithmetic coder along with programming sample.
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