~ Link Reader ~

This site contains Firefox extension for convenient way of extracting the links from the sequence of web pages and placing them into a clipboard.

Zipped collection of ASCII files with LinkReader for a quick download.

1. How it works

After extension is installed user can navigate Firefox menu to Tools->Link Interceptor->Dialog, as it is shown in the picture below.

The new browser window will appear. The button "Add links" copies links from current window to a listbox. User can change site and repeat "Add links" option. The links will be added. After user has collected all wanted links, the "Copy to clipboard" option can be selected and content of listbox can be pasted as text into an ASCII editor.

2. How to install

This section is for those who are new to Firefox extensions, because it covers very basic topic. The Firefox extensions may include zipped files in different formats and libraries as DLLs. This particular extension is collection of zipped ASCII files. After all files that make an extension are zipped into a single file, its type is changes to *.xpi. This extension is named linkreader.xpi and it is sitting within zipped download. For installation user needs only to navigate to a local file location and click on the link.

3. How to manage and investigate

To investigate what kind of extensions are installed and where they are sitting user needs hit the question mark.

Then choose option "Troubleshooting Information".

Then hit the button ShowFolder.

And find all installed extensions in "extensions" folder of user profile.

4. What is inside download

When unzipped the download contains Visual Studio 2010 solution. It is used as an editor only. The extension itself is a set of ASCII files sitting in "/src" folder. In order to build an extension user needs to run Makefile in "/src" folder. This Makefile will zip needed files, place them into "/output" folder and rename it to have *.xpi extension. The Makefile is elementary, the only line that user may need to change is the path to zip archiver

bin_dir = ../output
extension_name = linkreader
ZIP = C:/Progra~1/7-Zip/7z.exe
xpi_output = $(bin_dir)/$(extension_name).xpi
xpi_input = install.rdf \
	chrome.manifest \
	content/main.js \
	content/main.xul \
	content/dialog.xul \
	content/shared.jsm \
	skin/linkreader.css \
	skin/images/edit_find.png \
	chrome/icons/default/link.ico \
	locale/en-US/main.dtd \
command = cmd.exe /c $(ZIP) a $(xpi_output) $(xpi_input)

which is this line

ZIP = C:/Progra~1/7-Zip/7z.exe

The recent versions of FireFox are significantly changed and they no longer support installation and running of some older extensions. For usage of linkreader users need to install older browser (I placed here download for convenience FirefoxPortable_44.0.2_English.paf.exe). After installation user needs to change property xpinstall.signatures.required in browser settings, that can be accessed by typing "about:config" in browser address bar.